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ooh!! Ooh!! Me! Over here! HELP!!

Style you would like to use: generator or Boxer, if you can.

Title: Lunar_Geisha
Background Image: http://img26.photobucket.com/albums/v77/Lunar_Geisha/pentaclebackround1.jpg

Background Image Placement: center

background color: black
background scroll: fixed

Scrollbar Colors:
scrollbar-base-color: not sure what the base color means, but I found a disgram for the rest of it here. You can tell I'm kinda sticking to the same 3-4 colors, use whatever you think would look good.
scrollbar-track-color: white
scrollbar-face-color: black
scrollbar-highlight-color: red
scrollbar-3dlight-color: white
scrollbar-darkshadow-color: black
scrollbar-shadow-color: grey
scrollbar-arrow-color: white

Font~ comic sans

Font size~ 11

Font color~ white

Cursor~ either the large + or a star or something

link color~ red

link effects: the glowing/flaming effect would be awesome!

entry table color~ black

entry alignment: right

entry border type: either double lines, dotted, or (if possible) stars or asterisks (small ones)

entry border size: ?? Use your best discretion?
border color: black or red

Comment links: # caught a falling star // reach into the Night

If I may, could I please request this: title or description between the comment links? here's the URL:

e-mail address~ darkstarfairie666@yahoo.com
Screen Name for aim: LunarGeisha

I've been looking for someone who will help design my journal. When it comes to HTML I'm so totally lost it's pitiful. If you would do this, I would be so eternally grateful! I would credit you in user info or where ever/ however you'd like (short of branding your name on my butt). Unfortunately, you may have to walk me through how to go about applying the layout after it's finished. Actually you don't have to, I'm sure I could find a tutorial on that somewhere....

Anyway, thank you SOOOOO much for your consideration. Feel free to play with it how ever you'd like to, you have total artistic freedom!!
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